SVG Render

SVG animation to PNG images rendering

Previous version of SVG render worked as a Firefox browser extension. Now is time to move tovards HTML5 and introduce a new version that works client-side.

It was tested with simple SVG animations in current versions of Firefox(46) and Chrome(50). 


Select SVG file in the form bellow, input desired frames per second number (FPS), animation time in seconds or number of frames. Of course these variables are bounded by simple formula #frames=FPS*time

Output of program is series of PNG images. Currently all images are zipped(storage) and saved to your Downloads directory. You may convert these images to video with ffmpeg/avconv (todo: explicit command and link to tutorial)

Developement state

There is a github repository for svg-render so you can contribute directly. If you are not familiar with javascript programming you can sent your feedback to If it is a bug report please attach your SVG file which rendered incorrectly.

If you would like to add this as library to your application you may - it is separated in svg-render.js and afaik does not have dependencies (except for window/document so it won't work in server side apps in nodejs). I would appreciate your feedback on my mail - if demanded I can make svg-render bower library.

Svg-render is licensed under MIT license so you have complete freedom.